Racing yacht boat transport

We can transport any type of racing yacht in Australia by road between harbours and marinas.

Racing yacht boat transporter in Australia
Boat transport for big oversize vessels
Jeanneau merry Fisher 1095 getting boat transport by road in Australia


Work out your racing yacht transport costs between locations in minutes.


Our professional service moves yachts interstate all year round with our regular runs.


Your vessel is in safe hands and fully insured once it is loaded on our trailer.

7 days

We can transport yachts anytime of the week to fit into your schedule and location.

yacht boat transportation

If you own a racing yacht that needs to be taken for use at another event in a different harbour or state, we are a company that can get it transported by road instead of you sailing it by sea. 

Our yacht transport service has been contracted by various race teams over the years to move various racing yachts around Australia to compete in national or local events.

Moving a yacht by road is cheaper, faster & easier than other methods. You don’t have to wait for the right tides or winds to move your yacht quickly. It is also the best way to keep boat transports costs as low as possible because you don’t need to hire a crew to sail it.

Using an Australian yacht moving company is cost effective compared to other options. A quick phone call or email will help you work out how much it will cost to transport your racing yacht to any location in Australia.

"Deal directly with the owner, no middle man, no fuss, just quick answers to get your yacht transported or relocated anywhere in Australia.

Commercial vessel boat transport up to 60 foot long

“Peter moved a boat to to Queensland and gave us amazing service and advice. Boat relocation has never felt easier”


Happy boat transport customer reviews

Boat transport for commercial marine vessels

“Pete is a legend. I had no idea how to get my boat transported, he made the whole boat delivery service process so easy


Boat transport for environment martime barge in Sydney

“Talk about easy to deal with. Pete is straight forward, gives you a good deal and there is no mucking around transporting your boat. I never knew the cost of transporting a boat by road was so cheap


Racing yacht boat transportation costs

Racing yacht boat transporter in Australia

Cost estimates
To find out the cost to get your yacht transported in Australia is really easy. Just call, eMail or fill in our ‘Get A Quote‘ form so we can assess your requirements & you can find out how much to transport a boat will be.

To calculate the costs and prices involved or to obtain an accurate estimate to get your boat relocated or transported we’ll need to know a few details including;

  • Exact pick up and drop off locations
  • Length, weight and height of the boat
  • The timing or dates that you require it to be moved
Details required
The reason our yacht transporter company needs this information to be accurate is because we have to determine a number of different factors before we can calculate your boat transport rates such as;
  • What towing vehicle and trailer we need to use
  • Is it possible to access the locations required
  • The most suitable route that can accomodate the height and width of the load being carried
  • Whether permits will be required or pilot vehicles
  • The days or times we will be allowed to move your boat, especially if it is longer than 40 foot
Sometimes people think if they provide details that are close, but not exact then it is ok. Unfortunately it isn’t. A difference in the weight, length or height can mean the difference between large boat removals being done safe and legally vs a situation where it is oversize, thus voiding things like insurance or being dangerous to take through local suburbs.

Every state in Australia has strict regulations for the use of roads, freeways or motorways when transporting heavy, long or oversize loads. To be compliant we require the exact details which enables us to work out a safe journey for your vessel & calculate an accurate quote for you.

Delivery rates
Yacht delivery rates will vary due to the overall size, weight, distance, time & difficulty that your transportation requirements may present. This can also change depending on the seasons of the year, we can help you work out the most cost effective way to move your boat during the right time of day, year or seasonal period. It’s important to note that large boat relocating sometimes has to be done overnight due to road & heavy load towing regulations.

Working with yacht racing teams
Our company knows that racing teams whether they have a yacht or a powerboats have very similar requirements. They want a simple solution to get their competitive vessel moved safely & quickly. We can make sure that all the logistics and planning are taken care of for the race team so that you can move your equipment from one location to another.

Our transportation service can make sure your vessel is ready for pre-event preparations using realistic transit times and by providing accurate pricing to fit your budget requirements. We are experienced at managing last minute solutions if a breakdown occurs or there is a delay expected. 

We manage everything for you including things like pilot vehicles, permits & other requirements where necessary to get your racing yacht to its next competition destination during the race season. 



Big Boat Transport is a marine transportation company that is able to move a yacht by road between any capital city in Australia. 

We are a boat hauling and moving company that is licensed and equipped to relocate oversize loads like a 50 foot long yacht via the main arterial roads to any marina or port where competitions will be held.

If you are an owner of a racing yacht , especially anything longer than 30 foot long, then you would most likely seek professional assistance to move it safely.

We offer an alternative solution to container liners or cargo companies and can manage masts, booms, sails, spares and other gear make it to your next regatta in time.

Racing yacht transportation

Sail it over water 

  • Slow
  • Expensive
  • Risky

A yacht racing team will be experienced at sailing over the ocean of course, but this costs money, time & weather can delay a trip. 

For long distances this can take days or weeks to get a racing yacht to its next destination. It also increases the risk of damage to the vessel or even the crew on board if they encounter storms or high swells.

If the winds change it could make the trip even slower and together with the cost of engine hours, wear and tear etc, this can be an expensive exercise.

Transport a boat by road

  • Efficient
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable


This type of road transportation could take around 1 day depending on the time required to load and unload the yacht from the trailer. 

If it is oversize it make take longer if we can only transport at night time outside of peak travelling hours to comply with regulations. 

When you move a yacht by road you don’t have to worry about engine hours, wear and tear, bad weather or hiring a crew – these costs are not required which makes road transportation more cost effective in the long run.

Things to check before organising your racing yacht transport

1. Does the marina have the required machinery

We can pick up or deliver yachts by road to any of the popular marinas located around metropolitan area as long as they have the appropriate lifting equipment. You need to check with the marina management staff if they have a boat lift, travel lift, boat hoist, boat gantry crane or boat crane. They need to have the right specialist machinery to lift it on or off our heavy duty haulage trailer with experience dealing with boat haulage in Australia.

2. What yacht length & weight can the marina handle

Some marinas might confirm they can lift a boat, but you then have to check what height, width and weight limitations they may have because your vessel may simply be too big for them to handle. It will mean choosing another location to get your boat transported from but it is important you check this critical point.

3. Can the marina pull the yacht out of the water

This may seem like an obvious thing to check, but you will be surprised at the number of people that forget to check this. Some marinas do not have a travel lift, slipway or cradles that can take boats from the water onto dry land. They may have mooring facilities or storage areas available but it could be for boats that are taken there by road. 

They need to have the right machinery to pull your boat out of the water but to also be able to lift it on or off our heavy-duty road haulage trailer so that it is ready to be taken interstate.

4. Your yacht’s length, width and height

This is one of the most important aspects that we need to know as it effects the cost of transporting your boat between locations, but more importantly effects when & how it is transported. Certain boat lengths and load weights can only be moved during certain times of day & in some cases may also need pilot vehicles front and/or rear to help create a safe passage for the truck and trailer.

So apart from working out if pilot vehicles are required to travel the distance, we also have to work out what permits are required in each state and any other state regulations we must follow. From that point we need to calculate a route that is suitable to navigate between these two major cities in Australia.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve answered the most common questions about racing yacht relocations in Australia that we get asked via eMail, over the phone or via our instant quote requests. 


We can transport yacht sizes that are;

  • Up to 60 foot long
  • Up to 30 tonnes in weight

although we specialise in transporting yachts that are between 30 and 60 foot long. Unfortunately we do not transport small fishing boats, jet skis or tinnies. Our company is a large yacht relocation specialist that can move boats longer than 30 foot

Our yacht trailer cannot be put into water and the semi trailer is too large for most boat ramp locations. Therefore we are unable to pull your boat out of the water, you’d have to take it to a local marina to get it lifted out of the water.

Alternatively contact a company like Slip Away who have a special float on, float off transport service.

Any online search will give you a range of pricing to transport racing yachtsby road with a price range between $900 and $30,000 inc gst and this sounds ridiculous right? How can there be such a wide range of prices to transport yachts?

The answer is really, really simple.

The cost will vary based on;

the overall size, length and weight of your yacht 

the total distance that it needs to travel (or roads that have to be bypassed if oversized)

expected loading and unloading time

type of pick up and delivery locations 

Moving a 24 foot cruiser will be much simpler than a 50 foot motor yacht even if the distance to travel is the same. So obviously any boat transportation contractor will have to figure out fuel costs, travel time, loading/unloading time, route planning time & admin to sort out permits, pilot cars etc.

We factor all of this into our quotations and give you a written, fixed price so you can work out your total transportation costs once you also get quote for marina lifting fees.

There really isn’t an ideal time, but just consider that the roads are busiest between major cities during public holidays, long weekend or during school holidays as families are out exploring the country. Therefore sometimes it is better to organise timing outside of peak periods.

During Christmas periods there are oversize load blackout dates and times due to the road congestion around this period.

There are quite a few marinas around Australia that we can deliver yachts to or pick up from. As long as there is plenty of space to drive our semi trailer and they have the lifting equipment we can take your yacht nearly anywhere.

We are able to do racing yacht relocating 7 days a week, but the timing will depend on other bookings, time of year & the size of your yacht.