Boat transport service

Learn more about our range of boat transport services that can move boats by road across Australia.

Up to 37 tonnes

Up to 60 foot

Any hull shape

Pick up & delivery

Australia wide

Boat transport by road

We will drive to any marina, boat storage facility or a boat dealer so your vessel can be loaded onto our trailer and ready for boat transport by road to any location.

We take care of all the planning to make boat transportation affordable, simple and stress free.

Marina pick up or delivery

We specialise in picking up or delivering boats that are 30 to 60 foot in length from marinas or boat dealers. Our boat transportation equipment has been specifically designed to have large boats craned onto our haulage trailer ready to be transported by road.

We keep your boat safe while making it easy for marina staff to get it ready to be transported by road.

Racing yacht transport

We can transport racing yachts across the country from one marina to another to be ready for competition. Our yacht transportation trailer has been specially designed to protect the hull and keel of high performance yachts when moved by road.

Move your racing yacht with full insurance coverage with a professional transporter that is experienced.

A trusted boat transportation company in Australia

Experienced & efficient

Peter has been operating his boat transportation services for more than twenty years in Australia & has visited practically every marina, boat dealer or storage yard that handles marine vessels. 

Big Boat Transport has an enviable reputation in the marine transportation industry with many returning clients that have enjoyed an efficient boat haulage service.

Transporter for large boats 50 foot or longer
Boat transport company for oversize vessels moved by road

Boat transporter reviews

“Peter did a great job moving my boat interstate on the weekend. Turned up on time, sound knowledge and advice. Will use Peter again for the the relaunch.”


“Peter moved my boat from Pittwater in Sydney to the Gold Coast. He impressed me initially with his communication then on the day with his punctuality, patience and attention to detail on the loading and unloading. I would recommend.”


“Amazing service. Peter went above and beyond to deliver from Melbourne to Sydney. Even offered to fill the boat up with fuel prior to delivery. I would highly recommend this transportation service to anyone.”


“I needed a last minute transport. Slip away was available, and really quick to turn up. Really amazing trailer. Nice bloke and great to have a chat with. Peter was very professional and took pride in his work, there was never a doubt in my mind that he would get us home safe and efficient!!! Would definitely use them again”


How can you organise a big boat to be transported in Australia?

Most people we speak to aren’t really aware of all the things that are involved with the transport of larger boats by road in Australia, especially ones that are 30 foot or longer that can weigh 10 tonnes or more. It’s not surprising really because for most people maybe it is something they only need to use once or twice in their lifetime. Here is a brief explanation of the work we put in for you and the processes involved.

Big Boat Transport operates a fleet of trucks and prime movers that have been custom fitted to use our specially built boat carrying low loaders. We usually don’t require separate boat cradles to support the different types of vessels, as we carry our own uniquely constructed support system on each trailer. Peter is an extremely experienced driver and can safely lash any boat to the low loaders, taking the utmost care to ensure that the boat is not only safely secured, but also that the straps don’t damage any part of the vessel during transit. Our trucks have their own set of over-dimensional equipment required for the vessels that need it. They are also fitted with special heavy duty suspension that cushions the boats from road vibrations.

Who we deal with
Boat transport companies in Australia deal with a variety of clientele, including brokers, dealers, commercial operators and private individuals who may be buying, selling or relocating their boat. Written quotes and estimates can be provided by email, or customers can phone us if they wish to discuss anything they are not sure of. For us to be able to correctly quote, it is required that accurate dimensions (as far as possible) are provided throughout the quoting process. Our customers come from all over Australia, including Perth, Adelaide, Cairns and Sydney

Transportation routes 
We operate Australia-wide – interstate, intrastate and locally. Some of the most common pick-up and delivery areas in the boat transport industry include;

  • Gold Coast
  • Brisbane
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Hervey Bay
  • Yeppoon
  • Mackay
  • Townsville
  • Cairns
  • Port Macquarie
  • Port Stephens
  • Lake Macquarie

We generally travel between marinas that have facilities to load / unload large boats and they normally have a ‘travel lift crane’


Regulatory requirements

Once a booking is confirmed and the logistics have been organised, we then set about organising the regulatory requirements. These requirements can include such things as;

  • State over-dimensional/over-mass permits
  • Electricity permits
  • Communication company permits
  • Pilot vehicles or police escorts. 

These sorts of requirements are something that most people are usually unaware of, and it is a consideration that the boat transport company must take into account back in the quoting process. We often advise that you check with any transport company that they are abiding by all regulatory requirements, so that insurance won’t be affected.

Hopefully this explains things & as you can see boat transport of larger vessels is a substantial process with many variables and considerations.

Frequently asked questions

The low loader trailers we use are specially designed to carry big boats and will not be reliable if the braking systems & axles are immersed in salt water. Also, there is the potential for boats to be damaged if not supported properly when being retrieved from the water.

No we do not usually drive with boats at night. If the boat is oversize there are special rules in relation to when boats can be moved into and out of certain capital cities, towns, etc (e.g. non-peak times) in all states of Australia that we must adhere to.

This might add time to the overall length of time it takes, but it ensures the public and your boat is kept safe from damage.

The size and cost of operating heavy haulage trucks makes it uneconomical to carry small boats like tinnies, jet skies or vessels shorter than 15 foot. We normally recommend you contact someone who tows boats or does backload transporting.


The requirement for pilot vehicles will vary by state in Australia & your boat size.

As a general rule, as the width increases, the number of pilot cars/police escorts required (for the very large boats) increases.

We always ensure our trucks are running within all of the restrictions and regulations under State and Federal law. Feel free to contact us with any further questions in relation to pilot/escort car requirements.

We realise that this information is not usually provided with any written specifications you may have, but in some cases it may be necessary to measure the height (even if it is only to the waterline if you know the draft). We have height restrictions enforced by various authorities, and obviously, we want to ensure safe transport of your boat. We also need this information to help plan a route that avoids bridges or other low hanging obstacles.

We usually say that a boat should be prepared for transport much the same as if it were going to sea, i.e. anything loose on deck should be stowed and/or secured, anchors should be manually secured in case of winch failure, solar panels/wind generators may need to be removed and stowed, inside the cabin TVs, microwaves, and so on, should be secured so they don’t vibrate off benchtops, etc.

We will talk you through all the necessary preparation before the big moving day

Generally, unless it is a very long distance trip, the benefit does not justify the cost. Also, if the wrap is not done professionally, it may fail and then it has to be removed to prevent damage to the boat from the wrap flapping around.